Easy Ways to Boost Your Fitness

Jul 29th, 2013

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Fitness


Are you looking for easy ways to boost your fitness? Any easy way to do this that often gets overlooked is to wear a pedometer to help stay motivated to keep moving throughout the day. When people first start wearing a pedometer, they are often very surprised at how little they move each day. Taking an extra ten or twenty minute walk every day (your dog will appreciate it!) is a good way to improve your total steps each year and can even help you burn off three to six pounds in one year, just by spending an extra ten or so minutes walking every day. If you work on improving your diet as well, these results will be even better. A great diet to consider is the Paleo diet.


Whether you have a pedometer or not, taking the stairs  is an easy to way to get extra steps in throughout the day and you have the added benefit that it requires more strength to pull your body up each step. Stairs are a great way to sneak in fitness throughout each day.


If you are stuck at a desk all day it may seem like it will be impossible to find time for fitness. Your job is demanding and your home life is busy, so what are you supposed to do? The key to this situation is to be creative. There are several easy exercises that you can complete at your desk or sneak in at home while you’re waiting for water to boil or even during a commercial break while watching your favorite show. You can do squats and wall sits easily and in virtually any setting. If your chair doesn’t have wheels on it, you can use it as a base. Sit down and stand up without using your hands for support. Try doing two or three sets of ten a few times a day. You can also work on your arm strength by using the arms on your chair to do dips. Balance yourself carefully with your hands gripping the armrests and lower your body down, trying not to rest on the chair with your body, then lifts yourself back up with your arms. Repeat a few sets as you can.


If you can, try enlisting a friend to workout with. If you can make fitness something fun and you can find a way to look forward to it, you’re more likely to stick with it. Instead of going for coffee and a snack to catch up, try picking a walking trail with pretty scenery to explore while you chat instead. If you like playing sports, you can also find sports teams to join that will help keep you accountable. Some teams are extremely casual and some are more competitive, most people can find one that is a good fit for their skill and interest level. Everyone can benefit from increased health and wellness and physical activity is a good way to start achieving it.


Before you start any exercise program, make sure your doctor says you are healthy enough to do so. You should also do a short fitness test so you can figure out exactly where you are and figure out what your goals should be. Setting a starting point and goals to reach is a great way to monitor progress and will help keep you motivated because you can look back and see how far you’ve come. A few things to look at are your starting body mass index, how quickly and easily you can walk a mile (an average pace is 15 minutes per mile), how many pushups and/or sit-ups you can do in a set period of time, and even your heart rate before and after completing exercise.

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