Ways to Improve Your Overall Health & Fitness

Jul 30th, 2013

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Ways to Improve Your Overall Health & Fitness


An often overlooked part of fitness and overall health is core muscle strength. These muscles help support your entire body. Strong core muscles help increase your balance, prevent back pain and injury, and can even make you more comfortable when you are stationary such as sitting at your desk during the work day.


It’s important to give your core muscles a day or two to recover between each exercise session and you should be very conscious of your form while you complete a core workout so that you prevent the risk of injury. Injuring a core muscle can make even the most simple daily activities a chore because there is no way to avoid putting pressure on them throughout the day. Strengthening your core can also make it appear that you have had greater weight loss than you really have because it makes your stomach look leaner and tighter. Proper nutrition is also a key factor in looking like you have a trim and healthy core. All the core workouts in the world won’t make your stomach look amazing if it’s still covered in a layer of extra fat. Aim to consume plenty of lean protein and vegetables and avoid as much processed foods as you can.


It can be difficult to stay motivated to work out when the weather gets cold but choosing the correct workout clothing can make a big difference. Always think about dressing in layers when it’s cold outside. Usually three layers are optimal for most cold weather conditions but more or less may be required depending on the climate where you are. You should have a snug fitting base layer to help keep the heat against your skin, a slightly looser mid layer, and a loose fitting outer layer such as a jacket or hoodie and warm pants. Layers also allow you to adjust as you need to throughout your workout. Perhaps you’re going for a run and in one area the sun is blazing and you’re too warm to have all of your layers but around the next corner you’ll be faced with bitter cold wind. Don’t forget gloves, warm socks, and a hat as well.


Whether the weather is hot or cold, don’t forget about the sun. Protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun throughout the year is the best way to keep your skin healthy and looking young, while reducing your risk of skin cancer. Some surfaces, like water and snow, reflect the rays of the sun and can increase the amount of damage it causes. It can be very deceiving because people often think the sun isn’t hurting them if it’s cold outside. The truth, however, is that no matter how the sun’s rays feel on your skin, they are still damaging.  The best way to protect your skin is to wear sunscreen and keep your skin covered when you can.


Finding yourself feeling more tired than usual with your new workout routine and healthy lifestyle? You should make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Your energy should increase as a whole with a healthy lifestyle but your body needs time to recover as well. Generally, people that workout on a regular basis get better quality sleep than those that do not workout. It’s a good idea to workout three or more hours before you plan on going to bed so that your body has time to relax and wind down from your workout. Many people like to workout early in the morning because they find they have increased energy and focus throughout the day.


A healthy lifestyle is a great way to find personal growth. Finding the perfect time to workout can make a huge difference in your mental outlook. Some people do well with early morning workouts because they start their day feeling accomplished, other people do better with a workout midday or early evening to help keep themselves motivated to be productive in the evening, and others may feel a workout is a good way to unwind from the day and relieve stress before winding down and relaxing at home. You should aim to workout at whatever time of day seems to make you feel the best.

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