Simple Diet & Exercise Tips to Live By

Aug 19th, 2013

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Simple Diet & Exercise Tips to Live By


Getting started on a wellness or exercise regimen is always the toughest part. Most of us know that we should be exercising at least 30 minutes a day and we know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, but actually doing those things is another story entirely. Perhaps you feel fine and don’t think you need to implement healthy habits into your life, or maybe you are ready for a change. Either way, taking on the task of getting healthy can seem daunting from the outside looking in.


These simple diet and exercise tips will help you get things off on the right foot: one step at a time. You don’t need to confuse yourself with complicated diet plans or wonder which gym equipment you should use in order to get started. The task at hand is simply to get started, so here are some easy tips that can get you going in the right direction without much thought or effort.


Satisfy your sweet tooth. If you get cravings for something sweet, try to remember that fruit comes first. If you need to get your sweet fix, try slicing up an apple or banana and then adding a little almond butter to it. This will give your taste buds something sweet while keeping your nutritional goals on track.


Pick a workout buddy. Everything is better with a friend, including fitness and healthier eating. If you have someone to keep you motivated and honest when it comes to what you’re eating and how much you are exercising, you are more likely to stick with your new habits. However, be sure to pick a friend who is more into fitness than you are and that will encourage you. Picking someone who is also just starting out can be a bad combo and working out with someone who is negative can keep you from getting that workout in.


Be kind to your sore body. As you start your new routine, your body will be sore. This is not only common, but it’s a good sign that you are working your muscles harder than you have in the past. After a hard workout, try taking a cold bath (add ice if necessary) to curb the day-after soreness. You can also get regular massages to help ease your muscle tension.


Get a pair of comfortable shoes. If you are running or hitting the gym, then make sure you are comfortable while doing it. Your shoes will go unnoticed if they are doing the right things for your body, but if they are hurting you or are uncomfortable, then it’s all you’ll be able to focus on. Also, the wrong shoes can give you blisters or even make it easier to roll an ankle due to lack of support, so choose something you know works for your feet.


Portion size is everything. Keep your portions down and make sure your plate is filled at least halfway with vegetables and fruits, reserving the other half for your protein and carbs. This will help keep you satiated without adding unnecessary calories.

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