Herbalife Experiment: Week 1

Sep 29th, 2014

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Herbalife Experiment: Week 1

Today is a guest blogger, Sara Mason. She is a mother of two and avid runner who came to New U with the intention of learning how to lose weight and is experimenting to answer the question: does Herbalife work? Follow her Herbalife experiment and journey …

sara_blurSara’s Herbalife Experiment

Two steps forward, one step back.

I just completed my first week with an Herbalife diet plan set up by wellness coach Peter Schmitz at New U. I went to see him after hitting a proverbial wall in my body management goals. The last five pounds have been elusive for me to lose. And while I’ve been fairly successful to drop 35 pounds over the past several years by changing my diet and continuing to exercise (in the interest of full disclosure, I love to run!), I am still not completely happy with my body composition. I’d love to exchange more fat for muscle for a more athletic physique. I want to be healthy and strong, not so much thin or skinny.

I feel like I am so close, and I walked away from our first couple of meetings enthusiastic and ready to get started. I’ve been waiting for this moment, to finally have someone get me to my goals after years of being confused and indecisive.

Eggs? No! Yes!

Gluten? Yes. No! Yes.

Veggie oil? Yes. No!

Beef? Yes. No! Yes!

Carbs? Yes! No! Yes.

Soy? Yes! No! Yes.

Butter? Yes! No! Yes.

Protein? Yes. Yes!

Sugar? Yes! Yes! No.

But, after just a few days of great success with the meal plan—which included two meal replacement shakes a day, herbal tea with aloe, the multivitamin and the Cell Activator—I am ending the week feeling frustrated.

I was energized, I was satisfied, I was feeling great! I felt strong on my runs, I was losing weight, and I didn’t have guilt or stress about what I was eating all week long … And then the weekend happened.

I went into it overly confident. I didn’t even want any of the junk that I might have normally craved at a friend’s party or out to the movies. But once I caught a whiff of that buttery popcorn, it was all over. So, Friday night I went to bed feeling really full and a little defeated. But, I decided, you have to live a little and I knew I wasn’t the type to completely deprive myself of everything, especially when I am out having a night out with the family. Plus, there was an upside: I didn’t eat the entire tub, just a few handfuls more than I should have (ahem, and a few sips of soda). Besides, I learned my lesson, right?

Victory and Defeat

Saturday was full of victory and defeat, too. I overdosed on fresh veggies but avoided the chips, only to eat half a dozen or so (albeit homemade) paleo chocolate chip pumpkin cookies at a friend’s fall barbecue. Again, not the end of the world, but I was feeling uncomfortable and disappointed.

Do I Want it Bad Enough?

Third time’s a charm … Or so you’d think. Sunday, we watched the Bears/Packers game at neighbor’s. I was set to be “good” this time! And then she made pizza. If there is one thing in the world that I can’t resist it’s pizza. This can’t be happening! And it wouldn’t be a lazy football Sunday without pizza and beer (or in my case Angry Orchard Hard Cider … of which I had not one but two.) So, once again I left the shakes at home and indulged.

So, now I am left wondering: Am I too weak? Don’t I want it bad enough? Can I really do this?

But today’s a new day. A new week. A chance to begin again. Time to re-focus and continue working toward my goals.

Thankfully, this weekend was much busier than most but it does make me realize that if I want to see real change, I have to be more intentional. Not just in my own home, which is “easy” but also in social situations where I might feel I am being eccentric or impolite (I mean, one of my friends on paleo licked a forbidden potato chip!). I have to do what’s right for me and for my body and my goals and not worry about what others think.

How about you? What are your lifestyle change successes and failures you’ve experienced recently, whether in your first week or umpteenth week?

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